Hi, Friends in this article we will see the review of the WhatsAuto Reply App. Run a small business using WhatsAuto a lot. This has made life easy. questions are answered automatically We’re veritably impressed with the instant responses get. This is a good free app to make WhatsApp bus- reply the stylish one. can try to modernize this app to shoot documents too. Like Prints position vids and to notify if the created menu gets.

All features of the bus- the reply is stupendous. Quite customized app. Handles large data. Still some compass of new features like attachments,multi-column reply. Overall nearly all requirements of the bus- the reply is fulfilled. It’s really working. But fail when using the hunt menu. The app can’t find what druggies try to search. The app is nice for business, but just a small payment makes it delicate to use. The idea of the app and veritably innovative. But still, face some issues with the app.

It’s veritably annoying we’re unfit to sputter with guests. Would be great but the problem is the decoration upgrade isn’t transmittable. They say can transfer to a different device but it’s not true you can’t. The app is nice but when you upgrade it becomes stupendous. There are times, it doesn’t work. Uninstall and reinstall it’ll work.

Works impeccably no announcement does exactly what’s wanted and further. Can add specific replies to certain words edit whom it works on and that is all free. It also works without a trace. Will be better if images can be added to the quick replies and if group communication replies can be separated from the general private communication replies. Use Presently what is an app for security and ethical reasons and use this app to advertise to all connections that they can find on other safety platforms.


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