Toppar App

Hi friends in this article we will see the review of the Toppr Application. Mock tests, NCERT solutions, and all levels of practice tests are available in this app. with the key feature being that the video lectures are quite quick and almost cover all of the important aspects of the material. We can also attend a practice paper that is relevant to the lesson. This app has all options for state board test syllabuses. Topper’s community is slightly greater than that of byjus, vendantu, among other educational apps.

There are various instructional videos and games available to assist you in your studies. For students, registration is simply the best opportunity. It also offers YouTube and Google as answers to questions. The videos are short and to the point, making it simple to learn any idea in minutes. You can quickly locate the concepts, chapters, and subjects you want to study, and the playlist will appear as soon as you select the desired option. Additionally, the animations and graphics used help in a better understanding of the concepts.

The teachers teaching abilities are wonderful, but if you study for a long time. You may become irritated, so let the children laugh in between so that the students do not become irritated and find studying fun. There is one major issue in which you are automatically logged out after a few days and must re-login with your phone number and other information.

Notable Cons

When we search for answers, it sometimes returns the incorrect answer, as well as the incorrect question. However, it is correct in the image. There are various games can choose from. You can also challenge your friends to a competition. It’s excellent, but the problem-solving abilities are lacking. For example, when I asked “what should you do if the thermometer breaks,” it provided me with the appropriate precautions.


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