Tick tick is a useful productivity app for both students and office workers. Many features, such as the Pomodoro timer and subtasks, help you be more productive. It provides a plethora of simple shortcuts to make life easier. Its ability to convert any text into a task by simply selecting it is incredible.

When compared to other to-do list apps. TickTick offers a lot of functionality while keeping the interface simple and clutter-free. Both iOS and Android platforms are supported. The habit tracker is the icing on the cake, and it is the best on the market. The benefit of this “deadline option” is that people will make a concerted effort to complete the task within that time frame.

The premium edition is also very reasonably priced and well worth the money. However, some minor performance tweaks are required. And unnecessary applications can be removed. TickTick is the only app you’ll need if you require a focus timer and a location to keep track of all your tasks.

The most apparent flaw with this app is that you can’t cancel a task that hasn’t been completed the previous day without going back. And crossing it off even if it hasn’t been completed that day, making it useless for checking what tasks have been completed in the past. You can add numerous drinking water reminders. but if you check done on any of them, it won’t remind you for the rest of the day.  Overall, this app is good for its users.


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