Hello friends, during this text we’ll inspect the review of the RTO Vehicle Information App. it had been fantastic once we downloaded this app, we actually wondered that the car owner’s name was shown on display we were happy for using this app. it is a great app, providing immediate information the small print of any vehicles as needed. the simplest ever app with such a gorgeous and wonderful clean interface. Fast and reliable, except showing a wrong number of RC owners.Accurate information. However, another feature has got to be added.

The owner should be allowed to enter information and it should be very secured. Whenever anyone has a problem with parking, the person reporting should be ready to call the owner without knowing the contact number of the owner like how matrimonial. Very detailed information and most significantly it’s working many apps give only vehicle details and not the owner. Wonderful app. Gives all important information about the vehicle. Hope and need that the knowledge about Insurance and P.U.C are updated regularly.

Commercial vehicles must be added. Good apps for primary information. More info is required as insurance. Too many ads, whenever you’ll click the rear button a billboard will come. aside from the app is sweet. Good and user-friendly easy to urge information. avoid more advertisements before getting to the subsequent level. This application is basically very useful. they need all information like the car’s model and their prices. they need mentioned graphics images of petrol and diesel prices in India. very Nice Application.

Very Good App indeed For checking out a second-hand car, this app helps to understand all the small print which one must know before buying a car or any vehicle. It shows all the small print like Registration Date, No. of users, Colour of the vehicle while newly purchased, registration. It’s more like an app for ads. Ads everywhere. Would’ve purchased if there was a one-time payment rather than a subscription.


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