Hi friends in this article we will see the review of the PrepLadder Application. The application is great to start acting in competition, the teachers simplify the concepts. Even the technical support team goes out of their way to help you. it is more convenient for those who refer notes from the application itself. The materials are specialized, especially the handwritten notes that we will order. Everything during this application is easy to use, unlike other applications. Help them specialize in their goals and our teacher continues to motivate us.

It perfectly teaches and clarifies the concept. Very accurate video conferencing. And also high-quality qbank papers. The video and audio quality is above average, and for this reason, the constant updating of content is appreciated. Teachers use simple, easy, and understandable language. And so the best part is that they fix any app issues right away.

If the custom modules were saved along with the bookmark option, this app would be perfect. If the best thing would be to download the PDF inside the device, it would be great because it requires a high-speed connection to open it. The newly modified interface looks good and therefore smaller text fonts are fine. but we will no longer compare the statistics with the former.

As for lectures, they are the simplest lectures in class, but when you get to the application, it seems that they are neglecting it. If there is a problem, they will ask us to get rid of the cache and reinstall the application. you have questions marked and need to review them. Good luck wasting your time. It takes hours to load the questions, the custom module is messy because it does not include all the questions, you decide to practice the markers and they are already answered. Sometimes it gets annoying. Overall it is a good app for education.



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