This is an excellent app, it has a number of excellent stories, like Yakshini, Cloud One, and others. Apart from that, there are a variety of additional stories to listen to, all of which are available for free on Pocket FM. It starts from wherever the tale is left in pocket FM. whenever you may listen to the story from there, and it can save stories as favorites. which makes it easier to find that story. Pocket FM uses very little data, which saves a lot of data.

If time is not flowing freely, pick up your phone and open Pocket FM, then start listening to any fantasy story. And the background music is excellent. You can listen to stories on a locked phone as well; all you have to do is open the story you want to listen to and enjoy it. Everything will be fine in the beginning. They will not unlock the episodes after a few days.

They will upload 4-5 episodes per day at the beginning of the story, then one episode per day thereafter. The first 30 episodes will last at least 20 minutes, and the last 40 episodes will last only 10 minutes. If it would be beneficial to provide free narrative episodes every day for students or people who cannot afford to pay even if the amount is small, It was regularly unlocked for the first four to five days. However, alerts of unlocked stories have been arriving for a few days, but the stories have yet to be opened.

If you are a VIP member, you will be able to download the episode only if you are a VIP member. Premium packs are not available to everyone. Overall the app is wonderful for storytelling and music in general.


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