There are a lot of nice features in the Play Music app. If you use your audio recorder app to record audio files, they can be played in play music. It has never been so simple to organize files. Following the closure of Google Play Music, this appears to be an excellent tool for music fans. The user interface is appealing, and the rest of the package is satisfactory.

User-friendly, with high-quality recording and easy-to-lay-down tracks for freestyles and even writing, and file formats that are either ready to go or can be transferred elsewhere for further mixing if needed. It is a small, lightweight size with a high-quality experience. For those who aren’t sure what a timer is or how it works, it has a timer option. Most of the time, you play music from your phone and fall asleep; the music will continue to play until you wake up or someone turns it off, but with Timer, you can set it to play for 30 minutes or more. At the end of the countdown, the music automatically stops playing.

Notable Cons

There is no dark theme option, and the audio options should be consolidated into a single menu, with no decibel control choices. And, at the very least, there should be audio-enhancement settings in internal settings, such as noise-canceling background music. Unless you physically move your phone around or press play/next, it won’t change to the next song.

It’s difficult to even get out of the advertising. It still needs to be improved, such as the ability to synchronize new music files from the Windows Media Player collection. Many music players include the ability to tap on album art, but this software does not. There are also a lot of adverts, which frustrates the users.


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