you can identify as many plants as you would like. it’s options for flower, leaf, bark, and more, and you’ll even add multiple photos to the present ID to assist get a far better match. It works smoothly and seems to offer great matches, especially for flowers. It’s nice that it provides different suggestions that you simply can dig deeper into to work out what your specimen is.

it gives you the foremost likely id matches for whatever a part of the plant your picture, also it gives you other possible similar plants and therefore the percentage similarity which really helps. Also, you’ll then click straight into a touch wiki for information on the plant or search its flowers if it isn’t yet flowering and you would like to ascertain. So great for anyone who is curious about plants or wants to show or play with kids at learning about nature.

Photo the specified leaf/plant/flower & search, results are within seconds and also show alternatives. Very accurate and enables to seek out the right names and info on garden plants. Identifying wildflowers photographed during various hikes. Flexibility in identifying wildflowers using different plant parts may be a great feature added to the depth of data available regarding the plant.

This is alleged to be an identification program that tells you what the plants are. What happens is, you get multiple choices to select from of an equivalent plant or whatever so how are you alleged to know which one it’s especially once they all looking just about an equivalent the entire idea of this app is to inform somebody like who do not know exactly what it’s, not inquire from me if what they picked is true if I knew what it had been I would not need the app



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