Hello, Friends within the article we’ll see the review of the Plantix your crop doctor App. Really great app. It helped with the issues we were facing within the small vegetable garden. they need an enormous, well-researched, and catalog database. Very efficient, do continue the good work you’re doing. the simplest app to detect crop-related problems also gets solutions instantly. it is the best application for detecting what happening to your crops. Less time-consuming with great service, the matter is solved in between 24 hours after uploading pictures.

Farming is taken into account as a serious occupation in our country. Most of the farmers are completely hooked in on their cultivated crops. But at the present situation thanks to some terrible situations, they’re committing suicide. But this application surely makes alert and that they could take better precautions. Best App to find out what percentage names of plants can we got to learn and to require care of them and This App is extremely educational and makes me desire we are owners of all plants than everyone has. Very nice app.

If we upload plant-affected video getting an instantaneous response like what it’s. Very true app. a Reliable and has great suggestions. Whenever required it helps directly with 100% positive guidance. very useful for farmers. instant diagnosis of plant diseases feature is extremely special. Very helpful and informative app. Searching in your own language is another facility.

We can know any quiet disease which affects plants, crops, or trees with an answer for that disease. It also provides a dealer near you who sells prescribed medicine. Every gardener should have this app. Very helpful for all users, individual gardens, and commercial crops. a while Assigns every crop or flower as ornamental and doesn’t identify problem  Not many details are given about fruit and vegetables.


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