Hi friends in this article we will see the review of the PicsApp Photo Editing Application. The application contains a lot of functions and is simple to use. Simple selfies can be turned into mega DPS with this software. And the app does exactly what it claims to do, however, there are a lot of adverts on it. It also helps in the quick modification of photographs through the use of filters and other add-on items.

With neon filters, effects, and collage in this photo editor. We can use stickers and frames to make it more enjoyable. Neon Effects, Collage Maker is a photo editing tool with unique filters and effects. You may use the incredible parts to create collages, alter images, and adjust the photo grid. Play around with the sketch line effect and apply a stunning neon filter to your photos and images for free.

Premium Account Details

There is also a paid part. With a significant discount, a year’s subscription costs only Rs. 520, and even if you don’t buy the premium, there are still a lot of things to edit. One of the nicest features is that the program offers a variety of off-screen editing options. And if we are unable to pay for a premium service at some point, it is not a problem because they already have a variety of editing options.

Notable Cons

However, they are displaying a significant amount of advertisements, which may stop us from enjoying this software. The issue is that whenever you try to change something, an ad appears, which is really irritating. If it would be beneficial to reduce the number of adverts. I’ve been using it for a long time but was upset when the option to remove the backdrop and make it a transparent png image was eliminated. Apart from these points, it is a good application for editing your images.


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