This is one of the most useful instructional apps. This is a requirement if you wish to succeed in board examinations and competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, and NTSE. In this app, the tutors do an excellent job at teaching and keeping things entertaining for us to learn. We also have quizzes where we may gain points. And get shout-outs, making learning here a lot more fun and engaging.

What this app has?

There is one more thing that makes studying difficult for children. They receive coins and can shop at the ODA Store. It also includes interactive sessions, interesting quizzes. And the ability to earn points for the right answers that can be exchanged for prizes. Many academic teachers assist students in learning in an enjoyable manner. Mentors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Although the teacher’s explanations are excellent, mentors are always available to assist us if we have any questions. The only problem is that we have to struggle to ask questions because the chat box is muted by the teachers.

While the quizzes are running on the computer, they should provide an opportunity for students to answer by typing the letters A, B, C, D and pressing ENTER on their keyboard, and the quiz should be completed. One more feature in this software would lower the pricing of things in ODA Mall and increase the number of items available for purchase. It will be beneficial to students. Mentors call lots of times, even if the internet is down, the ward is absent on a certain day, or schoolwork is unfinished. For students, a once-a-week update is sufficient.

Notable Cons

The majority of the professors are from North India. As a result, they begin discussing all subjects in Hindi, which is inconvenient for individuals hoping for an English-based education. This is one of the app’s most significant flaws. Several parents also bring up disparities and the inability to contact the call center with their children’s teachers during class. Apart from these flaws, it is an excellent instructional tool for people.


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