Hi friends in this article we will see the review of the Noon Academy Application. This is one of the better applications for improving our knowledge and a little bit cheaper. The teachers are friendly and provide answers to any questions. We can also communicate with them by raising our hands and talking with them. This app’s UI is very interactive and We can also ask questions in a group setting. Every Sunday, there are MCQs and a competition where we can compete with other students.

The teachers thoroughly explain each and every idea. This program is simple to use and does not require any technical knowledge. Students like us require apps like these to assist us in achieving our objectives. You may learn and prepare for competitive exams like MHT-CET for free. Teachers educate in a short amount of time and with wonderful explanations, allowing students to clear their doubts. It is just beneficial to students. Students who are unable to attend classes or tutorials related to a lack of funds can simply participate in this program. Also, the teacher-student interactions are excellent.

Needed Improvements

In live classes, this software needs to implement some extra capabilities like pause, replay, and 10 seconds back. At the same time, need to create a page for recorded sessions that is both effective and new/good. Also, it would be better to add some extra functionality, such as quality management or basic video player features. It is good to make a separate page for notes and materials for study. On Sunday, there will be special workshops for doubt-solving, and a more functionality feedback page can be introduced at noon.

Another issue is that the video quality is poor, and there should be a replay speed option (1.5x, 2x) so that students who are unable to complete their syllabus can at least see the video quickly. It can’t always provide options like playback speed to save time, and recorded sessions aren’t always visible. Only the first 15 days are visible. Apart from that, the app is beneficial to students.


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