Hello friends, during this text, we’ll inspect the review of LearnEnglish Podcasts Free English listening App. Use the app for nearly a year and that we are very satisfied Topics are interesting, diction is great. The app works well, now even it’s possible to concentrate when your phone is locked. So it’s really very useful. We’ve learned tons of things like vocabulary and linguistic structures since we began to hear the podcasts. Improved listening comprehension in English.

British Council for creating learning interesting and fun. Whenever we hear a podcast from the British council, not only can we improve our English, but we also learn new information and enhance our knowledge Strongly hear each folk. Using this app has really helped listening skills apart from that we’ve learned quite a lot, it’s like traveling to different places and learning about different cultures.

We’ve also learned the right pronunciation of words. can choose any topic we wish to download. The speakers are good. They speak clearly and it’s easy to find out. There’s an English script rolling automatically. It’s easy to follow. This App is extremely helpful, the sole aspect we might wish to see improvement is that the size of the text. The supply of a tool where text sizes are often changed by the audience would be an excellent idea.

This application is sweet to enhance our listening skills and at an equivalent time reading skills. Would like to inform those who are following the British accent could use this application. It’s really perfect. That’s great we try more software and none of them is best than it for elementary and intermediate learners. There is a problem there is a difference in time between the speaker and therefore the highlighter.



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