Hi friends in this article we will see the review of the Khan Academy Educational Application. The app features a wide variety of subjects, teachers who are really hooked on the subject they teach, as well as encouraging, practice quizzes, exams, and a transparent outline of what to expect in each course. The app won’t have many animations, but the diagrams drawn by them might match. One of the simplest features of this application is that we will download videos.

The teachers’ explanations are spot on and they don’t speak in a boring way, which makes learning fun. Also, the questions in the exercises are too easy, you don’t have to buy anything, everything is totally free and without additives. If the entire Khan academy can be downloaded for offline use on an SD card, world-class free home learning for every child. The hunger to meet poor children is much greater than that of middle and upper-class children whose parents allow them to travel online.

The program is amazing and therefore the lessons are fun, easy to follow and really informative. The application leaves a lot to be desired. the solution box is too small and impossible to scroll after a certain length, making it difficult to verify the answer and even the answer. If it can be good to increase the solution box and make it more intuitive.

It doesn’t actually update the knowledge and content on various topics and everyone’s new videos are only available on YouTube which is not essential, we may also like the dark mode and better performance. because of it crashing tons, even the website has equivalent errors, everything else is great.


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