Hello, Friends within the article we’ll see the review of the HDFC Bank MobileBanking Money Transfer and Bill Pay App. excellent app. Service quality is nearly as well needless to say from India’s largest bank. Things are very easy to try to do within the app, like fund transfer, new requests, and far more. Also providing international open-end credit makes it worthwhile .some times Unable to register MasterCard in-app. the time it’s showing a server error and also statements aren’t received via email albeit email has been updated.

Receiving random messages of a MasterCard ending with a number that’s not belonging. The clean and straightforward UI of this app makes it different from other banking apps. the sole problem which we facing with the app is we are unable to register UPI with the app, hope this is often a technical issue that could be corrected in the future. Enjoy the feature but we wish to say add more options as Net banking had.

It doesn’t allow to redeem Points. Change of Address and lots of More. So all option Net banking had Same allow with Mobile banking. The HDFC app is that the most serving banking companion while on the move. If you would like to transfer money or make payments. it’s sort of a buddy accompanying oneself. This new update is basically not up to the mark. The previous version was way better a minimum of you’ll do things therein.

In this version you can’t see anything it’s telling you to refresh the small print every time you log in. we actually love HDFC don’t spoil the name by removing an application filled with bugs. Very good helping nature for patrons understanding and good but more to know customer financial problems to be maintained as customer need will closing of loans and can taking of loans customer are going to be Happy bit rate of interest should be less than other banks.


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