The Giphy app gives users access to the most recent GIF photos of prominent individuals, popular current events, geographical areas such as towns and nations, as well as films released by current movie stars. It frequently serves as a concept picture dictionary.

There are hilarious, sad, beautiful, and romantic things to be found. Simply type it into the search box. You can post to social media or save it to your own multimedia storage for later viewing. The only drawback is that some gifs are repeated far too often within each category. It’s fine if it’s a variant of another with different phrasing. but if it’s the same, without a change, it’s a little annoying.

You can transfer any form of photo, including active photographs and text messages, to messenger. When you create a theme for the type of picture you wish to send on the computer. It sometimes says you can upload videos to make gifs and other things. but it won’t let you. If you click upload and then choose a photo or video. You’ll be taken back to the home screen. It does not always allow you to make your own gif sticker or text. Writing a phrase or affixing already available text or sticker gif are the only options for making a gif from a camera or photo.

Also, it doesn’t have a drawing option. in case you want to edit out text on anothe r GIF, so you’ll need another app for that. And this app doesn’t have a Sign Up with Google option on Android but a Sign Up with Apple of all things. Pinching the screen to change the size of text or stickers is required.


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