Hello, friend, in this article we will look at the Edelweiss Share Market App. The app contains a lot of useful features. It is useful since it is easy to use, has good functionality, is user-friendly, and has analysis and numerous charts available. One of the most impressive broker apps ever seen. Everything is there, from headlines to option chains to technical data. It features the most comprehensive market watch website. It’s a good app, but we can’t open two charts at the same time. It’s critical to have at least one option chart and one index chart.

Low fees are required, as well as a quick and clear withdrawal and addition process. However, since the previous update with new languages. Sometiems the holdings area is no longer active. It can take a long time to load data and must be refreshed manually to keep up with market fluctuations. I’ve been chasing them on these technical difficulties for almost a month, but all I’ve gotten is an automatic response.

The most recent version is terrible; the app won’t even start in a wifi network. In terms of working in low-signal areas. Even while other apps perform better in low-signal environments, this one does not. The basket order is valid till the Trigger Feature is activated. Auto margin calculation during place order and good-til-canceled orders are not accessible.

In addition, there are no push notifications for new equity research calls. While placing orders, there is no approximate required and available margin for all transactions. A world of data and information is housed in one platform, which should need the hiring of an excellent trader. All spots may be squared off with a single click, which isn’t possible via the mobile app. Adding a script to a mobile app is tricky.


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