This app is basically good for doubt clearance. Especially if you’re IIT or neet aspirant cause it’s an in-depth solution to just about all the questions. if there is a hard question you’ve got to only press the doubt button and catch an image of your questions that you simply want to unravel. we will play games, quizzes, and may win exciting prizes.

This app is additionally important that students who can unable to shop for learning courses. It’s is extremely good because we will find the answers to all or any questions of our study-related. It provides courses at low prices which may be affordable for several students. It provides solutions to any question in some second. And there are many books solution to this app.

With the assistance of this app, we will clear our doubts very easily. videos on different subjects and motivational videos also are there on this app, so overall it’s so helpful for a student. it’s also heaving a camera feature that creates it very easy to seek out the videos solutions that make it very easy to know. if you purchase a course then you’ll get many good features for study, and there’s also a system of a wallet where we will play quizzes and win money, thereupon money you’ll purchase another course.

It will answer all of your doubts but will send tons of notifications if you switch off the notifications then you’ll miss some important classes there should be a limit of notifications during this app it’s irritating. the ID of the bus whose report is additionally closed. it’s a really dirty app doubtful. Once the ID is closed, there’s no chance of opening it. And neither doubt gives their email nor any number in order that we will express our point of view. Doubt not can say something about this to us that we will be of some help or can do something in it


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