From new to old things, this platform allows you to sell or acquire them. Give enough information about the things, such as the size and condition. It is easy for the buyer to comprehend what they are purchasing. Dealing through the app provides a high level of assurance because it is rigorously controlled to offer a safe and scam-free online marketplace to shop or conduct deals. Almost everything can be sold or found here. Every item’s price fluctuates, and you’ll need to be resourceful to find good offers.

It’s simple to use, and others have responded well to reaching out here. This platform is quite good when compared to Low at the forum marketplace. Simply put, the user interface is excellent. It facilitates communication between buyers and sellers by providing timely notifications.

We need additional information about the products they’re selling as buyers. Some merchants did not provide any information. They only send a photo of the thing they want to sell. They are disrespectful when we simply ask for the brand or model so that we may look it up on the internet if they don’t want to offer the information. If it would be beneficial to include more mandatory details for the alternatives they are selling, if not, they will be unable to upload for sale without descriptions.

I’ve previously read the message on the carousell page, but notifications keep popping up to remind me, which is a little annoying. On the item that we have sold, there is a “Leave Review” button, but it does not allow you to add anything. Even though the item is shown as sold, it would be ideal if we could still leave a review.


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