Hello friends, during this article we will see the review of the Amazon Prime application. the various channel subscription options provide much more variety and variety than Netflix can offer. Amazon Prime Video is my go-to resource for video-based media. YouTube is sweet tutorials, but Amazon Prime Video is good for all other things.

Downloads are great if you have a great data or wifi connection, if not download ahead of time and watch when you’re off the grid. The application is easy to use, as for the options available, there are not many unless you subscribe to a channel or have already heard about a television network. The second option is to buy/rent movies. The people who run the service department are friendly and helpful with rare exceptions. Considering the value of Amazon Prime, it would be difficult to look for similar entertainment at such value.

It’s so easy and straightforward, just a touch of the screen and your ability to choose from an incredible variety of movies, dramas, and sci-fi, one of my favorite genres, easily set up a private watch list, again just one touch and your list. it’s there along with its movie selection, box sets and also has some great hobbies, sports, wildlife documentaries.

The video player is terrible. Prevents on-screen controls from being sometimes displayed. If you lock your phone and reopen it, the program does not resume. Switching to an app and coming back often resumes a totally different episode. Overall, it is an honest app for watching videos online.


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