Hi, Friend in this article we will see the review of the All Document Anthology PDF, excel, word, Documents app. It’s a nice app because it can open any train can install this rather of pdf anthology or word office. Indexing lines are good, useful in searching lines on the phone. veritably good work if someone facing issues like advertisements can turn off your network but the app is good and also useful each in one app.

It’s a veritably nice app it opens all kinds of documents and noway has any kind of problems. The apps to see excel, PowerPoint, donation. It’s an amazing app in which can read PowerPoint donations and Movable Document Format and other documents with converting them. But this app shows advertisements before opening the Portable Document Format. Piecemeal from this problem, this is a stylish app for reading any document.

This app is a veritably important app for opening the train and establishing any train open from WhatsApp also do not open any documents on WhatsApp also written not have a proper app for viewing this content also can download this app is veritably useful. Any documents downloaded in just one nanosecond. This is a good app but when you open a train it shows an announcement before opening it and the same happens when you close it but overall it’s working.

It’ll automatically start Announcement, but the operation isn’t suitable to open any Specified document. occasionally It showed no support when trying to open a train. The app is really slow and keeps popping up every second, Name of Microsoft is enough to believe in its trustability, but advertisements are too important to do commodity as it hinders the smooth experience.


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