Aakash Byjus App Review

Hi friends, in this article, we will see the review of the Aakash Byjus Application. This app is a great place to study for all competitive exams, especially jee/advance and neet. You can also adjust your grades to prepare for the next class. We can watch the video of any NCERT chapter. It is free. It is pretty valuable, and the lectures clearly explain each topic. And we can acquire the subject in a manner that is both simple and powerful.

It is one of the most excellent applications for studying because it contains many mock tests, videos that support the sample tests, and a variety of quizzes. The combination of background music, pictures, teaching, and their words in tests is perfect for learning. Even if we are not interested in studying, we will be ready to try this application. It includes a detailed explanation of each topic and a test, making it simple to learn and improve from our mistakes.

The principles are made unmistakable because of the videos provided for each chapter. In addition, this application contains many practice exams. It is entirely free and requires no payment, which will benefit many individuals.

Notable Cons And Suggestions

Sometimes, most lecture videos will stop completely and restart from the beginning. It happens frequently and is quite inconvenient in between courses. Also, the screen goes blank, and the teacher’s voice does not always appear. Overall, it wastes a significant amount of time, which is unreasonably inefficient. It has a substantial impact on our studies.

We are unable to move forward or backwards, which is inconvenient. It would be good to include a few more features, such as the ability for students to download recorded live classes. The buffering is far more comfortable to watch a downloaded video than an internet video, which is hugely inconvenient for students. And it needs a lot of improvement. Different loading windows take a long time, and the app is slow. Overall this is an excellent application for those who want to prepare for competitive exams.


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