Microsoft Word App Review


Hi friends in this article we will see the review of Microsoft Word App Review. This app has been very useful in creating documents on mobile and has many features. one among the simplest features is opening two documents on split-screen. it useful to figure with because it is extremely easy to scribble your ideas and even create documents while traveling in your car. it’s a really stable and reliable application and really helps in organizing your ideas and thoughts.

Those who are already using ‘Word’ on their PC will realize the amazing capability of this app. and therefore the most user-friendly part is that once you select the Mobile icon, the writing area matches your phone screen. Some features aren’t available for the essential version and therefore the fully-featured app is extremely costly. Microsoft has got to keep down prices for college kids and individuals. it’s going to be more useful with all features but with basic features, it’s a quite useful and good app.

>This app is extremely nice for users which require to travel tons and wish a word for nearly all the time. during this app, you’ll do your work easily in word. Gives tons of choices to write down and thing and important same are often sent across the world. word count displayed by default somewhere on the screen, quite visible. it might help to possess certain common symbols like units of measurement, currencies, et al. in handy somewhere within the Insert tab.

Some features of the PC version aren’t there on the mobile or it takes time to find out them. But OneDrive makes the Cloud saving of Documents easier. Sharing of docs has become difficult. Earlier we could directly share the copy via email. But with new updates, it sometimes doesn’t get shared. but it’s quite laggy for a few reasons sometimes. But yes, after some updates the bugs are fixing. Overall this app is sweet for work.



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