iMobile Pay by ICICI Bank App Review


Hello, Friends during this article we’ll see the review of the iMobile ICICI Bank App.ICCI mobile banking application. its various features of enjoying banking benefits being anywhere and interface this app are additionally too good. The update which was made recently was awesome. The app is one of the best mobile banking apps we’ve seen we actually bank with other big private sector banks also and may say clearly that this app is heads and shoulders. above others.

The team has really been putting tons of thought into understanding what the purchasers need everything is placed so perfectly and going to all useful sections is very easy. the interface team must be lauded the foremost for such lovely-looking screens with such a lot of simple use. are noticing the changes that ICICI has been making to its customers’ banking needs and knowledge.

The current version gives me a consolidated view of all – savings, credit cards, loans. Visual analytics is making plenty of difference which allows the user to explore and retains an interest in continuing to use the app. simple use has increased tremendously in recent times. This app is not any but a number of the simplest International finance banking apps. In a few years, no other mobile banking application has come up to the mobile level. the foremost user-friendly, secure and may do countless banking activities at a fingertip.

The only irritation is once you attempt to submit a review and it doesn’t accept your name. trying to place all permutation and combinations to travel through but tried 5 names and everyone went vainly. let try another name, may b it’s successful and my comment gets through. The remake of the app requires a cellular connection alternatively it’ll deauthorize the app and you’ll need to re-enable it.



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